Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is to provide expertise and advice to the chancellor in accordance with the Cannon Law of the Roman Catholic Church, the Synodal Law of the Diocese of Lafayette and the Regulations and Policies for Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Lafayette.

The primary functions of the Advisory Board are to develop a budget to provide for the school’s financial and physical well-being and growth; to implement development program incorporating a long-range plan and including active, positive public relations and marketing of the school; and to formulate broad policies for the school.

             Pastor:  Saint Joseph, Rayne……………………………… Reverend Kevin Bordelon




Vice President:

Secretary:  Tessa Himel (non-voting member, appointed)


Parish Representatives:

Maureen Benoit (’18, St. Joseph, elected)

Lisa Delhomme (’17, St. Joseph, elected)

Ataria Gibson (’18, Our Mother of Mercy, elected)

Chuck Habetz (’17, St. Leo, appointed)

(’17, St. Joseph, appointed)

Rockella Minix (’16, Our Mother of Mercy, appointed)

(’16,St. Joseph, elected)

(’17, term 1, Assumption, elected)

Paul Zaunbrecher (’16, St. Leo, elected)


Ex-officio Members:

Principal:  Fred Menard

Home and School President:  Dawn Rosinski