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It is a privilege to participate in the Rayne Catholic Elementary Athletic Program.  Working with each student’s academic program, Rayne Catholic’s Department of Athletics seeks to make the Rayne Catholic student a well-rounded individual.  Any student wishing to join or try out for a team must be in good academic and disciplinary standing.

The athletic department will be headed by the athletic director (A.D.).    This person, in turn, reports directly to the Principal.  The school Principal has final authority regarding any athletic program decisions. It is the responsibility of the A.D. to educate coaches, staff, student-athletes and parents on the mission statement and philosophy of the athletic program so that it may be fulfilled.  All decisions regarding any aspect of the athletic program must go through the A.D. and be approved by the school principal and the pastor.  All coaches will be required to be well-versed in the philosophy and mission statement of the program. It is the responsibility of the A.D. to provide these educational opportunities for the coaches.


Sportsmanship is that quality of honor that desires always to be courteous, fair and respectful.  Sportsmanship is evidenced by the conduct of players, spectators, coaches, parents, and school authorities.

Rayne Catholic Elementary School aspires to develop and maintain that very highest standards of sportsmanship.  Administrators, coaches, teachers, participants, parents, and all fans must contribute to this endeavor.  The community’s high levels of expectations of Rayne Catholic magnify our errors.  When we fall short of our high standards, we must do all we can to correct the situation and prevent any further such occurrences.  The following guidelines may prove helpful in our quest to become a school known for its outstanding sportsmanship.

Sportsmanship Includes:

  1. Being loyal to superiors in making athletics fit into the general school program.
  2. Being loyal to coaches and fellow participants.
  3. Insistence upon high scholarship and enforcement of all rules of eligibility.
  4. Fair, unprejudiced relationship with participants.
  5. Teaching athletes to win by use of legitimate means only.
  6. Counteracting unfounded rumors of questionable practices by opponents.
  7. Discouragement of gambling, profanity and obscene language at all times.


Baseball – 4 Grade Level Teams (5th – 8th Grade; Boys)

Basketball – 8 Grade Level Teams (5th – 8th Grade; Boys and Girls)

Cheerleading – 1 Team (7th and 8th Grade; Girls)

Cross Country – 2 Teams (5th – 8th Grade; Boys and Girls)

Football – 2 Teams (5th-6th and 7th-8th; Boys)

Softball – 4 Grade Level Teams (5th – 8th; Girls)

Track – 2 Teams (5th – 8th Grads; Boys and Girls)

Volleyball – 4 Grade Level Teams (5th – 8th Grade; Girls