Parent Organizations

Parent Organizations

Parental involvement through parent organizations is the foundation for the success of Rayne Catholic Elementary School.  The dedication and support offered by the Rayne Catholic parents have been intricate parts of the school’s growth.  All parents are strongly encouraged to become members of the parent organizations.


Advisory Council

The Rayne Catholic Elementary Advisory Council serves to advise the pastor/chancellor and operates within the parameters of the policies approved by the Bishop.  The primary functions of the School Board are to develop a budget to provide for the school’s financial and physical well-being and growth; to implement a development program incorporating a long-range plan which includes active, positive public relations and marketing of the school; and to formulate broad policies for the school.


Home and School Parent Association

The Rayne Catholic Elementary School Home & School Association (HSA) is a community of school parents who dedicate themselves to serving the school. This organization is led by an Executive Board. The HSA Executive Board is established through elections that take place in April of each school year.

The HSA meets throughout the school year at school. These meetings are for adults only. We request that children not attend these meetings unless the school has invited them to do so. Consult the school calendar for dates of these meetings.

The HSA organizes the volunteer committees that assist and aid the school in various ways. Parents are encouraged to become active in one or more of these committees:

Fundraising: Every parent is a part of this committee. The main events are the Auction in the Fall, Dinner Dance in Winter, and the Crawfish Boil held each spring. All families are expected to be members of one of these committees.  

Hospitality: Provides parties for Sacrament celebrations, Staff Appreciation, meeting refreshments, and new family welcomes.

Communications: Communicates important information to the parents via phone chain, flyers, or email.

Programs: Organizes programs for the meetings.

Room Parents: Under the direction and approval of the homeroom teachers this committee coordinates field trips and plans treats/activities for the students’ celebrations.

Volunteers: Coordinates/provides family volunteers for aides, office help, cafeteria help, lunchroom/playground monitors, and morning drop-off monitors. All volunteers who interact with children must be Safe Environment cleared.

The R.C.E. Angel Network

The R.C.E. Angel Network was form by a group of Rayne Catholic Elementary parents.  This program is instrumental in supporting the faculty/staff, students, civil community and church parishes.  The Angel Network program is the first of its kind in the Diocese of Lafayette and perhaps the first in the nation.  Members provide activities for students, faculty and staff that enables them to reach out to others who are in need.  The emblem is an angel drawing created by Brook Guidry, a former student of R.C.E.   To find out more about this program or to join with other parents in this Christian endeavor please call the school office for more information.


Angel Network Mission Statement

From the desire to unite students, faculty, staff, and parents, the Angel Network of Rayne Catholic

Elementary stands together as a team radiating the light of Christ to each other and those around

us.  It is the hope that the efforts put forth by the Angel Network that Rayne Catholic Elementary

will become a true reflection of God’s infinite love and shine forth that love to others.  

                                                            Implemented in December 2000


Room Mothers

The Rayne Catholic Elementary Room Mothers assist the teachers in any way they can.  At the beginning of the school year forms will be sent home asking for volunteers.  Please return form indicating your voluntary choices.

            Coordinator:  Home and School Association