Uniform Policies


The Rayne Catholic Elementary School uniform is to be worn every day except on special dress days which are predetermined and listed on the school’s calendar. Students will be refused admittance to class if they report out of uniform. Clean, neat and attractive uniforms are a discerning mark of a Rayne Catholic student. Students should be immediately recognizable as a member of our school community. The uniform not only includes the items that should be worn, but the manner in which they are worn. The uniform serves as a reminder to all that we are Christians and that we are models for others and should hold a sense of pride and unity for all students. 

            “Uniform”, by definition, means consistent, standardized, homogeneous, identical, unvarying, and equal. The RCE uniform is representative of the traditions of the Sisters of Mount Carmel who founded our school several years ago. It is one purpose of our uniform that no student “stand-out” over another, that all students are equal, and representative of the discipline, character, and modesty of a Catholic school student.

Please bring the handbook which has a description and picture of the uniform shoe.

Do not rely on sales personnel to provide the correct shoe.

Updated: September 2016

Printable version: Uniform Policy for 2017-18 School Year