Rayne Catholic Elementary School’s School Nutrition Program is run by the Diocese of Lafayette and is computerized. Each student enrolled will be given a food service identification (ID) number to memorize.

Prior to, or on the first day of school, students who plan to eat in the cafeteria should establish a food service account and prepay money into the account.

Lunches must be paid in advance; you may pay the total amount at once, or you may pay by the month. Lunch money envelopes are sent home. If you pay by check, please make your check to Rayne Catholic Elementary Cafeteria. Please DO NOT include lunch and tuition monies on the same check.

It is important for students and parents to understand that students who “borrow” another student’s cafeteria ID number will be disciplined the same as for stealing money from another student. It does not matter if the student has permission from the other student since the ID numbers are used to generate monthly federal claims for reimbursement on approved free or reduced price meals. With computerization no student can tell when another receives federally subsidized meals.

Federal Regulations prevent any student from bringing food or drink of any kind (including water) onto the campus. If a special diet is medically necessary, physician’s documentation must be on file in the office and the student is required to eat the meal in the cafeteria.


It is Lafayette Diocesan policy that all elementary students must participate in the School Nutrition Program. The School Nutrition Program, in addition to providing nutritious meals to each student, also functions as a laboratory for providing nutrition education to students. Children learn lifetime food habits during these early formative years. Physician prescribed special diets can be provided by your school’s cafeteria. A Diet Prescription form needs to be completed & signed by your physician and forwarded to the cafeteria manager. The required physician’s diet plan will be overseen by a registered dietitian through the Diocese of Lafayette Food & Nutrition program. These special diets include but are not limited to diabetic diets, hypoglycemic diets, PKU diet, allergy restricted diets, gluten free/wheat free diets, low cholesterol diets, milk & milk product restricted diets, vegetarian diets, high calorie diets and low calorie diets. Diet Prescriptions must be renewed at the beginning of each school year even though there may not be any changes to the diet prescription.

Federal Regulations require that all students and teachers pay for their meals in advance. Elementary students will be sent home with a monthly bill that has been prepared by the Cafeteria Manager. High school students should establish a food service account, usually with a month’s prepayment. Parents can make payments by check or they can go to to set up an account, monitor their child’s lunch account and make payments.

Diocesan policy states that any balance left in a student’s account will be rolled over to the following school year. Seniors and 8th graders’ money will be rolled into a sibling’s account or if there are no siblings, then a refund is given.


(The Cafeteria is run by the Diocese of Lafayette)

  • The cost of lunch is determined by the Diocesan Food Service Office in August and subject to change.
  • Payable by the 10th of each month
  • Lunches must be paid in advance; may pay the total amount at once, or by the month.
  • Lunch money envelopes are sent home.
  • NEW online payment website, where new accounts must be created. Refer to cover of student envelope for manager email address to obtain you child’s unique student number (this is not the POS number).
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