Rayne Catholic Curriculum is defined as:  An accelerated State Curriculum at a challenging pace that is immersed with the Values of the Gospels and the principles if leadership in which our students take an active role and are held accountable for their education.  

Rayne Catholic has chosen NOT to adopt the Common Core Standards because we feel our Curriculum already exceeds that of the Common Core.

“Our school already exceeds most of Common Core standards. We’re already there and more.” “Why adopt these standards when Catholic schools consistently outperform the public schools that Common Core was supposedly designed to help. Not to mention the very real concerns about the secularized nature of the course material, which directly conflicts with maintaining an authentic Catholic identity at these schools.” Cardinal Newman Society  

Christian Doctrine is a vital part of our curriculum and is an integrated component of the daily activity of our classrooms and school. The teaching of compassion, courage, honesty, perseverance, respect, responsibility, self-discipline and teamwork are an essential part of classroom management and ongoing curriculum units.  

Singapore Math at Rayne Catholic will be K-5th grade with techniques integrated in 6-8th.

Singapore Math is a program that is extremely clear, highly logical and sequential. It builds on thinking skills which put a strong focus on mental math.  It introduces students to key concepts with concrete examples and pictures. Singapore Math begins with: number sense where students are taught to make connection between topics using a pictorial approach called number bonds. It then moves to place value which provides a deep knowledge of numbers. Then to problem solving which is incorporated throughout the grade level using bar models and pictorials representation.  

Shurley English at Rayne Catholic is used in grades 2nd – 7th. Shurley English is a program that has concrete steps that relate a definition to a concept, a concept to a skill practice, and a skill practice to writing and editing. 4 elements of Shurley English:

  1. Jingles- rhythmic definitions are chanted or sung to learn the parts of speech.
  2. Questions and Answer Flow- oral questions and answers determine the role each word plays in a sentence.
  3. Sentence Building- uses grammar to teach the child the structure and design of written language.
  4. Writing Process- understands sentence structure, expands to paragraph, and results in well written essays, reports, and letters.  

A Statement of 21st Century Learning

Preparing our students for a world and jobs not yet realized The administration, faculty, staff, and students Rayne Catholic Elementary Schools commit to 21st century learning. In support of hopeful Gospel-centred living, in a society transformed by globalization, technological Innovation, and human ingenuity, 21st century learning complements our commitment as a Catholic community of leaders and learners. Rayne Catholic Elementary fosters faith-based learning that deeply engages all staff and students in 21st century learning opportunities. All facets of the learning system – curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional learning, accountability and resource allocation – are in support of 21st century learning. Students will be creative, critical-thinking global citizens, analysts, communicators and producers engaged in learning that is conceptual and authentic within an inquiry-based environment. Guided by the Gospel and focused on Social Justice, staff and students will be self-directed, adaptable, discerning and curious, as they engage individually and collaboratively in 21st century learning. 21st century leaders and learners:

  • think critically and makes discoveries
  • use technology to learn, innovate, communicate and discover
  • work with multiple perspectives and disciplines to identify problems and find the best solutionscommunicate ideas effectively to others
  • are lifelong learner who adapts to change
  • build relationships based on humility, fairness and openness
  • demonstrates respect, empathy and compassion
  • succeed through team work, collaboration and communication which contributes fully to the community and the world
  • create opportunities and achieve goals through hard work, perseverance and discipline
  • strive for excellence and success
  • explore ideas and challenges present circumstances as they appear
  • are competitive, accountable, adaptable and resilient
  • have the confidence to take risks and make decisions in the face of adversity
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