Registration for Current R.C. E. Students

Registration for students currently enrolled at Rayne Catholic for the coming fall term is traditionally held during the first weeks of February.

Application for Admissions for New Students

Applicants may pick-up applications for admissions at the school’s office.  Registration for new students follows the week of registration for students currently enrolled at R.C.E.

In the event that enrollment must be limited, the following criteria will be used to determine the order in which students are accepted to Rayne Catholic Elementary School.

  • Children presently enrolled and in good standing academically, behaviorally and financially
  • Siblings of students currently enrolled at Rayne Catholic
  • Children of Faculty/Staff of Rayne Catholic Elementary School
  • Children of Rayne Catholic (or St. Joseph High School) alumni
  • Children of parishioners in ownership parishes
  • Children of parents who are alumni of any Catholic school
  • Children of parishioners in non-ownership parishes, based upon order of registration

The Admissions Committee will administer the registration process.  They may deny admission to any student they feel would not meet certain specific criteria.  Previous Rayne Catholic student dismissed for discipline problems may be re-admitted the following year on a probationary status if recommended by the principal.
Note:  A child entering Rayne Catholic Elementary School must meet the age requirement as stipulated in the State Department of Education Bulletin 741.


New Students must complete the following process:

  1. Apply for admissions and release records from previous school(s), if applicable.
  2. School must obtain all academic and disciplinary records for review, if applicable.
  3. Parent and Student interview with the schools selection committee.
  4. Pay all registration fees

Once student is accepted, all new students (Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade) must adhere to a 90 day probationary period.  During these 90 days the school will evaluate the student needs.  Only after the 90 day probationary period is completed will the student be accepted. (If the school determines that it can not meet the needs of the student, the family will be refunded the registration fee.)


All students, regardless of religious affiliation are required to attend Religion Class and complete all required course work.  Non-Catholic students must attend the all school religious services (including Mass) and be respectful towards all Catholic Traditions including kneeling when appropriate.


Rayne Catholic Elementary requires that the administration:

  • receive and review all previous school(s) records for student
  • interview with the parents and student by school’s selection committee

Students seeking enrollment in Rayne Catholic after the school year begins must:

  • adhere to the New Student 90 day probationary period
  • complete all registration forms
  • pay all registration fees (if student is not accepted, school will refund the registration fee)
  • meet all eligibility requirements set forth by RCE, the Diocese of Lafayette and the State of Louisiana

Students transferring from non-accredited schools must adhere to the Home School Policy.

Students accepted from Home School and Non-Accredited Schools may NOT be eligible for –

Academic Awards

Academic Special Services (students must be in school for one calendar year before eligible for evaluation – APSB Policy)

8th grade students will only be accepted under extraordinary circumstances and also must be aware they may NOT be eligible for certain academic awards and academic services.

It is Diocesan Policy and Rayne Catholic Policy:  Rayne Catholic cannot accept any student for one year that has been expelled from any other school.

All the Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Lafayette support the public school assessment program.  Students who transfer from the public system without passing the LEAP Test or PARC Test or the EXIT Exam will not be promoted to the next grade. 

Home Schooled students

Standardized testing is required prior to registration of students who have been home schooled.  Home schooled students who wish to register at Rayne Catholic Elementary must produce current results of the ACT Test and show grade proficiency and/or contact the Acadia Parish Test Coordinator at 783-5808 to schedule testing. Once parents have received test results, the parents and student must met with the administration to determine grade placement.  If deemed necessary by the administration, Rayne Catholic Elementary may administer an in-house placement test.  Upon notification of acceptance, requirements of new student registration apply.

Students accepted from Home School and Non-Accredited Schools Will NOT be eligible for –

Academic Awards

Academic Special Services (students must be in school for one calendar year before eligible for evaluation)

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