Choosing the best place for your child’s education is one of the biggest decisions you will make.

If you’re like many parents, you want your child to be able to learn in a safe, secure environment. You want your child surrounded by people—teachers, staff, and other parents—who will have a positive in?uence and teach lessons about life, faith, belief, and moral values, not just academic subjects.

At Rayne Catholic Elementary, we do a great job teaching things like reading, writing, science, and math. But we also spend our time educating the whole child, in mind, body, and spirit. Our school is a caring Christ-Centered community where children get one-on-one attention, and a strong sense of right and wrong.

Catholic school isn’t free, but there are many parents who understand that a child’s education is worth paying for, especially when you consider what parents and children get in return. Not just the bare minimum, but a sense of faith, an ability to focus, and an expectation of achievement—all important aspects of success in school and life.

Our school provides many things that other schools don’t or can’t. We invite you to take some time to see what we believe in, see what we believe is important, and visit our school before you make a decision.

We look forward to meeting you, welcoming you, and introducing you to the faith, focus, and achievement that Rayne Catholic Elementary offers.

Please call Donna Melancon (337-334-5657 Ext. 112) or email () to schedule a tour or request more information about Rayne Catholic.

WHO: Who do you want your child to become?

WHAT: What do you want your child to learn?

WHEN: When will your child need his faith, family and formation?

WHERE: Where do you want your child to spend eight hours of his day?

WHY: Why do you want the best for your child?

HOW: How can you afford not to give your child every chance to be successful?

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